Album Covers

 Album covers are a great way to experiment in any direction. This is a level of creative freedom that seldom emerges and a welcome and refreshing change.

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 Making your instrument your own can be more than just a random color or design; it can carry your musical creativity onto the guitar itself.

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 Whatever you can dream up can be illustrated and created into a large-scale display. Corporate events, parties or any event you can think of, what can we create for you?

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 Your backyard doesn't have to be boring, nor does any of your furniture. I'll paint your favorites with your favorites. Whether it be chairs, corn hole boards or any surface you can come up with, we'll figure out a way to make it happen.


Artificial flower petals combined with a simple hot glue gun, pliable background and a decent sense of balance can yield something beautiful. Always in search of a new gift idea, I made this flower mandala for my beautiful wife. I find a breather from traditional mediums provides a chance to reset my brain and is wholly inspirational in finding new forms of creativity.